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apartment for sale in istanbul

Title: apartment for sale in istanbul
URL: https://righthome.com.tr/en/publisher/Mehmet-Hekimo%C4%9Flu
Description: Whether the goal is investment, residence, or a vacation home, each of these objectives has more suitable properties than others, and there are even details within each of them. We will mention some simple comparisons and provide links to other articles as a comprehensive reference. If the goal is investment, there are different investment approaches. One approach focuses on capital appreciation, such as buying a property under construction with specific specifications and selling it later upon project delivery. Another approach is based on rental income, where the time frame is relatively longer compared to the first type of investment. Here, we are talking about completely different properties than the first type. There is also dual investment, which relies on capital appreciation in addition to high rental yield. It requires specialized analysis based on each person's situation, budget, and suitable payment plan. You can contact us for a free consultation on this matter.